3 Days Down

Today was our third day of training in Cascais, over the last 3 days we have been working on course work.  Our main focus has been taking what we worked on in October, tacks and gybes, and putting it on a course. Our goals have been and continues to be to push the boat harder around the marks, getting as close as possible to the leeward marks on roundings and exiting marks quickly. There are huge opportunities to gain around the corners (marks, downwind laylines). We have already made significant improvements and we are going to continue to push hard to keep making more gains over the next few days, we have one more day of training before we take a rest day on Tuesday.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Arriving in Cascais

We arrived in Lisbon, Portugal yesterday afternoon, our coach Francisco picked us up at the airport and dropped us off at our apartment in the early evening. After over 18 hours of travel and being awake for almost 28 hours I passed out and slept for 10 hours, Justin noticed that there was a BBQ chicken restaurant in our building and he was off. (Justin loves Chicken!)

Today the plan is to set up the 49er and go for a sail in the afternoon the forecast for the next few days looks amazing, we are looking forward to some famous Portuguese waves. We will be in Cascais for 10 days then we will pack up and move three hours south-east to Vilamoura; where we will train till the 2nd of December.