Back On the Water and it Feels So Good!

We were back on the water this week after a long break, after qualifying for the Pan am games in Miami at the end of January Justin had and Internship at the UN and I was studying at UVIC to get into the Engineering program. This month we are working with long time 49er sailor turned coach John Ladha. If this week could be summed up in a single phrase it would be “half seconds”, think Al Pacino’s inches speech from “Any Given Sunday”. For us this means trying to eliminate the half second in tacks by hitting the wire faster and harder, so we can make the first cross of the race and make it to the top mark in the front of the pack. It means being explosive in our accelerations it means lowering our selves on the trapeze before the puff so we can extend and get every bit of power when the new breeze hits our sailing. This is the difference between being in gold fleet or silver fleet. I will be making another post soon I am hoping to go some video analysis to give you a better idea of what we are working on and what that looks like. But for now enjoy this clip of Al Pacino from “Any Given Sunday”

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